Lessons from my Entrepreneurial Journey #1


Lesson #1 :   You are accountable..

  First thing, one needs to remember at all times is that you alone  as Entrepreneur or (Founder-CEO) are responsible for everything that happens to you and your Company..

  The corollary to this is that you cannot afford to blame anyone or any event or have any excuses..

  Blames/Complaints/Excuses usually take the following forms.

  1. I do not have a right co-founder.
  2. My investors are very risk averse.
  3. Govt should do something about helping entrepreneurs.
  4. Customers are too price sensitive.
  5. Customers are risk averse to try anything new or innovative.
  6. Its tough to attract talent.
  7. Though we have a great product,signing up paying customers is tough.
  8. My team is not experienced enough.
  9. The investors are asking too much equity for a small amount.

   Once you are an entrepreneur, its up to you to proactively think of overcoming these challenges and work towards it..

  The buck stops at you. No excuses.  Just results.

[About the Author: Shashi Bhushan is the Founder & CEO of HealthMacro Technologies.  He plunged into entrepreneurship to explore his dream of building something that touches people’s lives. HealthMacro were TiE’s Anthah Prerana 2013 winners.]

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